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Monday, January 7, 2008

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1.funnyscanadinavial.avi.exe,smss.exe .Is there any effective antivirus solutions that can prevent theses viruses?These viruses exist on two files works together.We sometimes may be able to delete one among them.But within a few seconds the otherprogram will recreate the one deleted.Thus they mutually help from destruction of each other.One of the have a default attribute hidden.It will not affect folder optios.When the virus autorun.inf have affected the system at the same time with these viruses, folder options will become in -accessible.The autorun.inf is easily detected and can be removed with McAfeeVirusScan.
These virus can have severe impact your system perfomace,it can cause crash your application from small applications to large applications like visual studio 2005.
From my experience there is no antivirus applications known so far can remove these viruses.
AVG Free edition can quarantine this virus.
2.Is the desktop.ini a virus?
Desktop.ini is not a virus.It is the system file that windows uses to remember the icon to be used for representing a folder.It will only appear within a folder when we explicitly change the icon of any folder by Right clicking folder, take properties->Customize->FolderIcons->ChangeIcon and selects a different icon than the ususal icon that windows used to represent it.When we do this a hidden file called desktop.ini will appear within that folder whose contents will be similar to like following

The icon we choose is usually from a file insidethe Windows/System32/shell32.dll ,that file is recogonised from the second line starting IconFile=IconFile=%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll .The shell32.dll contains a lot of resources that windows uses,such as string tables,the windows logo picture that is shown up in the bootup screen an a lot of icons that we have jus seen.The total count of these icon is as larg as more than thousand,since a single icon can be present in different sizes, But windows shows us only 48x48 size icons only .The index of
the our selected icon among these icons is represented by the third line 'IconIndex=137 '.
There is a linux counterpart of the desktop.ini file.It is the '.directory' file.It will be created when we change icon of a directory in Linux,the content of which is the icon name to be used.
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