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Thursday, June 16, 2011

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If you are using internet on your mobile phone ,you may have probably visited wap sites
which are web sites exclusively optimised for small screens of mobile phones.They have very brief menus and links which have maximum with (or without) a picture and description,yet easily browsable with navigation keys of your mobile phones.
Most wap sites are rich in various types of downloads,such as mobilephone applications,multimedia contents such as music ,video clips,music videos,entire movies,wallpapers,e-books readable in mobilephones.All of these contents may be optimised in file size and quality for playback for usage in a mobilephone.In addition the site may provide links to several other wapsites of same and different kind.

General nature of wap contents

As i said above,majority of wap contents are of low size so that to download easily with mobile phones low connection speed.But now a days several wap sites provide high quality multimedia files which may be in single file size upto 100Mega Bytes.Some sites provides full mutimedia movie files which may be in sigle file size upto 200 Mega Bytes.managing download such files probably will not be a easy task with mobile phone without a 3g connection which is where it is not aviliable .

Browsing wapsites on PC

It is undoubtful that browsing websites on a PC which has wide range of variety and flexible controls is very effortless and easy.The protocols used for browsing web pages in PC browser are HTTP which is mainly designed to handle big webpages in HTML.But Protocols used in browsing wap sites are WAP which are used to browse WML web pages.Most web browsers does not support browsing wml pages .Even if you able to view web page , you are not able to navigate and download content,which will tell you a notice that go to wap site on mobile phone because ,download is supported only through WAP protocol .Here comes the relevancy and importance of a WAP browser for PC.

WinWAP for Windows
Winwap for Windows provides the browser capabilities of your cellphone, on your PC. Mobile Internet services are specifically designed to be used on mobile phones and use protocols (data transport technology) and markup languages (the format of the received content) specifically designed for mobile use. The specifications are commonly called WAP version 2.0 (and before that WAP 1.2), and WinWAP was firstly designed to support these mobile internet specifications. The main features of WinWAP 4.2 include:
  • Tabbed browser allows multiple pages to be open simultaneously
  • Fully WAP 2.0 compatible
  • Supported Markup languages:
    • xHTML Mobile Profile 1.2
    • xHTML 1.1
    • WML 2.0
    • HTML 4.01
    • CSS (WAP CSS, CSS 2.1)
All WinWAP Browsers are designed to utilize the underlying operating system as well as possible, so WinWAP for Windows is designed to look, feels and work like your traditional web browser on your PC, even if it supports all the WAP transport protocols and markup langauges your regular PC browser does not support. The browser is often used by the mobile site developers of all the fancy online services because it is quick and easy to use on a Windows powered PC and include features like viewing source code and HTTP headers that help developers debug their WAP services.

WinWAP vs. Traditional HTML browser

Traditional web-services are provided in xHTML or HTML format, and mobile services (WAP) in WML or xHTML-MP (Mobile Profile). Traditional web browsers like MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox do not fully support the WAP specifications, so in order to have access to WAP pages you must have a WAP enabled browser. WinWAP for Windows is especially designed to provide a comfortable and user-friendly experience when browsing mobile content on your PC. There are naturally builds available for mobile phones too that the phone manufacturers (OEM's) use to provide browsing capabilities on their phones.

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Other Possibilities to Browse WAP on Windows

wmlbrowser(Fire fox Add-on )

wml browser is add on for mozilla fire fox browser for windows.It Simulate WAP browsing by viewing WML (Wireless Markup Language) pages in Mozilla, SeaMonkey or Mozilla Firefox.

Screen Shots

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